Other Resources

Circle of Song: Songs, Chants and Dances for Ritual and Celebration

The is a ceremonial songbook designed as a resource book for musicians, teachers, educators and anyone interested in sharing song, dance and ritual. It features over 300 sacred songs and chants from many traditions and global sources, easy to read music and words, as well as dances, meditations, rituals and guidelines to inspire individual and group worship and creativity for all ages. There is also companion CD available to purchase.

The Voices of Earth: Pagan Songs and Chants

A collection of original Pagan songs and chants for most any use.

Songs for Earthlings

433 sacred songs, chants, rounds and hymns celebrating the Earth and all of us who live here.

This book is out of print.

A Bard’s Book of Pagan Songs: Stories and Music from the Celtic World

The book begins by explaining the nature of a bard’s life. It is more than just singing songs. It is sharing the ancient stories and helping to build the community. It is functioning, when need be, as a spiritual guide. And it is being able to entertain with song.

There are two types of songs in this book. First, there are more than a dozen songs based on stories from the ancient Welsh book, the Mabinogion. Songs include “Rhiannon of the Birds,” “Caswallon’s Quarry,” and “The Dreams of Arianhrod.” The second part of the book has over forty songs, chants, and invocations, beginning with one for each of the major festivals such as “The King Shall Return” for Imbolc and “Dark Night” for Samhain. Then there are a wide variety of tunes that share Hugin the Bard’s thoughts, experiences, and ideas, such as “Knights of the Moon, “They Call Us Witches,” and “Goddess Delight.”